Highest-Rated Expertise Incident Response and Handling


Expertise & Innovation

We have the expertise to provide you with continuous protection against cyberattacks.  Our Technical Consultants are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP).  They have up-to-date expertise on known and emerging risks, technologies, standard and best practices.

Four Steps To Reduce Risk

Understand Problem

We listen first to your concerns, problems.  We gain an understanding of your business processes.  We’re interested in hearing about your mission-critical applications and data, and which controls you already have in place.  We're interested in hearing about your current policies with regard to responding to incidents.

Proposal & Quote

After gathering enough information, we send you a written proposal on how we would go about formulating an Incident Response and Handling Plan for your firm. We'd document the steps we would take in formatting the plan.  We give you a Price quote.

Formulating the Plan

We meet with your staff to develop policies that not only help to prevent attacks but also help to identify, contain and then evict a cyber attacker when a breach occurs.  The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage, reduces dwell and recovery time, and limits expensive costs for your company.


We document our findings and recommendations in a written report.  Our Incident Response and Handling Plan will be detailed in this report.

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