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Expertise & Innovation

We have the expertise to provide you with continuous protection against cyberattacks. Our Technical Consultants are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). They have up-to-date expertise on known and emerging risks, technologies, standard and best practices.

"If your defensive countermeasures are less flexible than the people trying to get around them, they have little to no chance of being effective; you will be protecting against an attack pattern that is no longer relevant. This underscores the importance of incorporating realistic, goal-oriented penetration testing into your security program. Only by continuously evaluating and enhancing your security countermeasures can you follow constantly shifting attack strategies." (Source:  Nuix Pty Limited, an Australian company, in its "Black Report" which was based on a confidential study at DEFCON, the world’s largest hacking and security conference.)

Four Steps to Reduce Risk

Understand Problem

We first listen to your concerns, problems. We gain an understanding of your business processes. We're interested in hearing about your mission-critical applications and data, which controls and policies you already have in place, and whether you have had a recent cyber breach of your network.

Proposal & Quote

After gathering enough information, we'd send you a written proposal on how we would go about conducting a Penetration Test of your network. We'd document the scope of the test (systems to be tested, amount and type of information about the network to be shared prior to the test, duration of test, etc.). We'd give you a price quote.


We'd conduct open source research of your network and users, and then we'd identify weaknesses, both technical and human. We'd exploit those weaknesses according to an agreed upon plan. Our objective would be to obtain as much access as possible in order to reach certain sensitive parts of the network.


We'd document our activities and findings in a standard but detailed pen test report used in the industry. We'd highlight the most vulnerable parts of the network to an attack and the route we used to obtain access to sensitive data. We'd make recommendations on how best to reduce or mitigate risks of an attack. Where appropriate, we'd offer recommendations for policies, training and technology products and solutions.

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