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Expertise & Innovation

We have the expertise to provide you with continuous protection against cyberattacks. Our Technical Consultants are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). They have up-to-date expertise on known and emerging risks, technologies, standard and best practices.

Our Data Protection Specialist is an expert in Data Classification, Data Loss Prevention, Data Encryption, Data Rights Management, and Data Governance.  

Four Steps to Reduce Risk

Understand Problem

We first listen to your concerns, problems. We gain an understanding of your business processes. We're interested in hearing about Phishing or Social Engineering being directed against your company, or if a cyber incident has recently occurred.  

Proposal & Quote

After gathering enough information, we send you a written proposal for a Security Education, Training or Awareness Program for your company. We'd document the scope of the training (topics to be covered, location, and duration of training). We give you a price quote.

Training Course

Our courses can be customized to your individual needs. They can be customized for general users, for administrators with privileged access, or for incident responders.  


We provide you with a detailed training report on the topics presented during the course.   

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