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You can be assured you are dealing with the highest-rated, most competent, skilled, experienced and credible security experts available in the industry.

Our Technical Consultants are CISSPs® - Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. It's the highest certification for the Next Generation of Information Security Leader.

CISSPs can:

- provide continuous protection against cyberattacks;

- Offer up-to-date expertise on known and emerging risks, technologies, standard and best practices;

- Legitimize an organization’s cybersecurity capabilities in the eyes of clients and partners.

Our Data Protection Specialist is an expert in Data Classification, Data Loss Prevention, Data Encryption, Data Rights Management, Data Governance, and Data Life Cycle Analysis.

Data Risk Assessment

We identity your firm’s most sensitive and most critical applications and data supporting these applications. We look for hidden data sources and possible threats from unsecured endpoints. We conduct a high level review of security policies and procedures in place and document our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report.

Vulnerability Assessment

We perform checks for known vulnerabilities in your network and systems that make a cyber attack more likely to succeed. We evaluate your existing control and procedures and document our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report.

Penetration Test

We evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities and then attempt to exploit weaknesses. We identify issues, their potential impact, steps to reduce risks, and mitigation techniques.

Security, Education, Training, and Awareness Programs

We evaluate and train employees and contractors on security policies and procedures, focusing on the risks of phishing and social engineering attacks. We also offer training on log analysis, and incident response and handling as part of a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Incident Investigations, Log and Forensic Analysis, Audits

We investigate how and when a cyber attack or cyber breach may have occurred. We analyze logs and conduct forensic analysis to determine the point of entry into the network, how lateral movement may have occurred, and how and what data could have been exfiltrated. Or, we conduct a IT security audit for compliance reasons.

Incident Response and Handling

We help firms establish an incident response plan, including a policy that defines, in specific terms, what constitutes an incident.  We provide a step-by-step process that should be followed when an incident occurs.  Incident Response Management addresses and manages the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident).  The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage, reduces dwell and recovery time, and limits expensive costs for your company.

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