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Cloud Security

You can be assured you are dealing with the highest-rated, most competent, skilled, experienced and credible cybersecurity and cloud security experts available in the industry.

Our Technical Consultants are CISSPs® - Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. It's the highest certification for the Next Generation of Information Security Leader.

Our Cloud Experts are Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified SysOps Administrators, AWS Certified Security Specialists or AWS Certified Solution Architects.

Cloud Infrastructure & Data Security

We can help you design your infrastructure and secure your workloads on cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This includes designing access controls to protect your assets, protecting your data at rest and in transit, securing your operating systems and applications, securing your infrastructure, and managing security monitoring, alerting and audit trail.

Cloud Migration Services

We offer a methodical migration process, including application portfolio discovery, application analysis, design, migration, integration, validation, operation, and optimization.

Penetration Test

We evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities and then attempt to exploit weaknesses. We identify issues, their potential impact, steps to reduce risks, and mitigation techniques.

Forensic and Log Analysis/SIEM & SOC Design

We help analyze logs and conduct forensic analysis to determine the point of entry into the network, how lateral movement may have occurred, and how and what data could have been exfiltrated. We work with your team to develop a Security Information and Event Management Solution. Or, we help you design a Security Operations Center.

Incident Response and Handling

We help firms establish an incident response plan, including a policy that defines, in specific terms, what constitutes an incident.  We provide a step-by-step process that should be followed when an incident occurs.  Incident Response Management addresses and manages the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident).  The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage, reduces dwell and recovery time, and limits expensive costs for your company.

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